12a and 80g Registration

An NGO obtains the advantage of income tax exemption if it gets registered to 12A and 80G registration act, by following all the norms properly. But registrations such as these do not provide any benefit to the persons making the donations. Thus Income Tax Act provides provisions under which they offer tax benefits to the ones who donate to charity. Thus in order to get more donations, all NGOs should show-case these tax benefits advantage in order to attract more donors. Thus if an NGO gets registers under section 80G, then the person or the organization unit that makes the donation to this NGO will get a definite deduction of about 50% from their taxable income. Government funding is only applicable to those NGOs that are registered under 12A and 80G. A newly registered NGO can also apply for the same.

The following are the document lists required for registration under 12A and 80G;

1. Dully filled in Form – 10A for registration 12A registration and also 80G registration

2. Registration Certificate and MOA /Trust Deed (two copies – self attested by NGO head)

3. NOC from Landlord (from registered office)

4. A Copy of PAN card of your NGO

5. Photocopy of Electricity Bill / House tax Receipt /Water Bill

6. Evidence of welfare activities carried out & Progress Report since inception or last 3 years

7. Books of Accounts, Balance Sheet & ITR (if any), since inception or last 3years

8. List of donors along with their address and PAN

9. List of governing body or board of trustees members with their contact details

10. Original RC and MOA /Trust Deed for verification

11. Authority letter in favour of NGO Factory

12. Any other document or affidavit / undertaking, if extra information is by the Income Tax

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